Mechanical Engineer Jobs in Reno

Mechanical Engineer Jobs in Reno

Mechanical engineering is one of the complex engineering fields due to different functions such as designing, developing, building, testing, and many others. They apply certain principles and problem-solving techniques in engineering to construct movable objects (machines) functioning like the human body, and they are hotcakes in Reno, Nevada.


They are meticulous in any machine they create to ensure they are efficient, safe, and reliable at all costs. These achievements are easier for them because they understand the concept of force, energy, and motion. Mechanical engineers build machines that will meet the demands of humans with their various working operations.

Furthermore, mechanical engineers have touched human lives in different areas such as climate change, world hunger, healthcare, transportation, energy, etc. For instance, in different factories, there are big machines that ease the job process for workers. It implies within a few minutes complex work or operations can be completed.

Mechanical engineering is one of the versatile fields in engineering because they take part in numerous innovations and challenges that cut across many fields. They build cars, satellites, sensors, switches, and any other moving gadgets available in industries. In any field you are involved in, you will need some of these pieces of equipment manufactured by mechanical engineers.

In this present computer era, the use of computers has also reduced the amount of stress one could have encountered through complex analyses within some seconds rather than using weeks or months. Every mechanical engineer makes use of different pieces of equipment to do their jobs such as electric generators, production equipment, material-handling systems, and many others.

Functions of Mechanical Engineers Jobs in Reno

Mechanical engineers perform different functions, and some people find it complex to understand their functions, let’s get to see them:

  1. They design and coordinate the production of different products used in solving complex problems such as medical devices, batteries, propellers, dynamos, industrial machines, laboratory devices, etc.
  2. They construct power-producing machines ranging from gas turbines, steam engines, electric generators, combustion engines, air conditioning systems, refrigerators, microwave ovens, and other home appliances.

iii. Also, mechanical engineers design huge machines use in excavation like tractors, bulldozers, trenchers, crawler loaders, spider excavators, etc. Elevators in high scrapers or tall buildings are designed by mechanical engineers too.

  1. They are involved in different integrations such as controllers, machinery, controllers, etc. The usefulness of computer technology makes it easier for them to create designs, run simulations, and test their functions.

Types of Mechanical Engineering Jobs in Reno

Mechanical engineering is a broad aspect of engineering that have other types of Mechanical engineers under it, and here they are:

  1. Automotive Research Engineers:

This set of mechanical engineers aids to improve the working performance of automobiles such as suspension, aerodynamics, and fuels too. Their main focus is on trucks, passenger cars, motorcycles, buses, etc. It implies they try to add some modifications to pre-existing vehicles by solving engineering problems.

  1. Robotics Engineers:

Robotics engineers work behind the scene designing robotic systems that can function as human beings. Also, they design a program for the robot to perform well. Based on their designs, robots can become efficient with any given task. Most manufacturing industries are in high demand of robotics engineers.

iii. Heating and Cooling Systems Engineers:

These mechanical engineers are involved in the production of environmental systems that help to regulate the effect of heat in computers, cars, airplanes, trains, etc. Before they launch their devices in the market, they undergo a series of tests to know the effective level and also calculate energy losses through the use of pressure gauges or combustion analyzers.

  1. Materials Engineers:

Mechanical engineers can work in various engineering fields such as electrical, nuclear, chemical, aerospace, civil, etc. because they build, process, and test materials for the creation of new materials that can function in numerous engineering fields. Also, they take their time studying material structures, chemical properties, ceramics, and nanomaterials based on their usage.

Are there any Educational Steps for Mechanical Engineering in Reno?

Mechanical engineering jobs in Reno is a professional work that requires a good standard of education before one can become a professional in the field, and here they are:

  1. Undergraduate Degree:

Having an undergraduate degree in mechanical engineering comes with many opportunities such as hands-on experience, research projects, real-world client work, etc. Some of these opportunities might come with some financial remuneration depending on the type of engineering project.

  1. Internship Training:

It is another way of getting more experience in the mechanical engineering field. During this period, students get to meet mechanical engineering professionals with vast years of experience to introduce them to key things that will build up their careers, and skills to remain relevant in the field.

  1. ABET Accreditation:

Mechanical engineers with an ABET accreditation are a huge win for them. The undergraduate program must have a high standard that will be in line with the mechanical engineering profession. A better way to checkmate the undergraduate program is through ABET accreditation.

  1. Graduate/Postgraduate Studies:

After getting an undergraduate degree, some mechanical engineers might see the necessity of pursuing a graduate degree either an MS or Ph.D. in mechanical engineering or another related field in any university.

Essential Qualities for Mechanical Engineers

The following are the numerous qualities essential for mechanical engineers to possess for any job at Reno, and they are:

  1. Creativity: In building unique designs for either material, machine, or equipment, requires a high level of creativity.
  2. Math Skills: This profession involves different calculations like statistics, calculus, design, and mathematical analysis in troubleshooting various engineering works.

iii. Mechanical Skills: The skill is handy in applying fundamental engineering concepts and processes to create new systems and devices.

  1. Listening skills: Good listening skills is important for any mechanical engineer to possess since they work with other experts in other fields such as computer scientists, and architects to analyze various approaches done by other professionals.

Job Prospects & Salaries for Mechanical Engineers in Reno

The job prospect for mechanical engineer jobs in Reno is good, especially for those using the latest software tools for computational designs and simulation. The essence of the software is to see a mechanical engineering job from the beginning phase to the final phase. Therefore, any student conversant with building virtual simulations before starting their designs is always in huge demand by different manufacturing companies

According to statistics, the employment rate for mechanical engineers has been estimated to increase by 4% in ten years. Since they can work in various companies, they are always in high demand by these companies in search of mechanical engineers in companies like automotive, construction, thermal, and many others. They contribute to the designs of hybrid cars use in formula one car.

Presently, the average yearly fee for a mechanical engineer in Reno is $74,610, and it implies for every month the mechanical engineer will get the sum of $6,218 or $1,435 per week depending on the agreement between the company and the engineer. ZipRecruiter is one of the renowned agencies monitoring salaries earned by various mechanical engineers in Reno.

They can earn as high as $115,425 or low as $36,726. There is no fixed price or salary for mechanical engineers in Reno, and it implies there are more bonuses based on individual skills, level, years of experience, location, and many others. Every day, various job opportunities in mechanical engineering jobs in Reno are advertised on numerous job sites, and ZipRecruiter is one of them.

Using an average database of mechanical engineering salaries in Reno to estimate what the actual salary looks like, there are five other jobs related to mechanical engineer jobs that could pay more every year compared to one securing a mechanical engineer job in Reno. Some of these roles are Chief Mechanical Engineer, Senior Principal Mechanical Engineer, Principal Mechanical Engineer, etc.

  1. Principal Mechanical Engineer $134,364 annual salary & $64.60/hour
  2. Senior Principal Mechanical Engineer $122,729 annual salary & $59.00/hour

iii. Chief Mechanical Engineer $117,981 annual salary & $56.72/hour

  1. Staff Mechanical Engineer $115,118 annual salary & $55.35/hour
  2. Mechanical Engineering Supervisor $113,450 annual salary & $54.54/hour


Mechanical engineering jobs in Reno require one to be rounded with skills and education wise. One needs to be ready mentally and physically for the task ahead of them to excel in any industry one finds themselves such as building, designing, manufacturing, and many others.


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