42 Best Earth Day Quizzes

 42 Best Earth Day Quizzes

Are you aware some people don’t know much about earth day because they are not conversant with it? The more knowledge one possesses, the more questions one will answer about the earth. Generally, earth day is celebrated in every part of the world on April 22nd. It is a day where human beings get to know about the happening, natural occurrences, and resources that make lives conducive for human beings.

Also, for some people, it is a time they use it in planting natural resources to make life worth living on earth. Earth day is one of those days for creating awareness to people the more reason they should take care of planet earth. There are Earth day quizzes that can be fun with our parents, families, spouses, etc. If you are the type of person who is vast in reading different books or journals, you will find it easy answering Earth day quizzes.

Human beings have affected the earth in various areas due to their different activities. For instance, the ozone layer has depleted due to excess Carbon monoxide in the atmosphere. The essence of the Earth day quizzes is for one to evaluate the level of knowledge they possess when it comes to either environment or natural occurrence on the Earth. Let’s see different activities affecting the earth.

Different Human Activities Affecting the Earth

The following are the numerous human activities influencing the Earth negatively, and here they are:

  1. Deforestation & Biodiversity:

In different parts of the globe, deforestation and biodiversity are carried out. Most of the game reserves have been destroyed due to excess of these human activities. A country like Australia with the biggest Amazon Basin is affected because farmers or foresters are taking advantage of trees to manufacture different things like furniture, book, wood, and many others.

The deforestation of trees has increased the rate of excess sun rays from the sun leading to intended heat. Many plant species and animals have no place to call home because their habitats are destroyed. Biodiversity has to do with the ecosystem in a particular environment, and the varieties of life on planet Earth, and it includes animals, microorganisms, and plants.


  1. Pollution:

Presently, it is a big problem in the world, and it is damaging the lungs of both young and aged ones. People are nonchalant about the things they do to the earth. Although, pollution comes in various ways either noise, water, soil, and air pollution. In this topic, we are more specifically about air pollution.

The more harmful substances are burnt off and allow to fill the air spaces could lead to respiratory issues. It is the more reason everyone has to be conscious of the kind of materials they burn to avoid damaging their lungs, and others. It is another human activity affecting the Earth, and people need to pay much attention to it.

  1. Climatic Change:

Every time or country has its climate that makes it different from others. No way you will compare the weather condition in Russia to Brazil. Climatic changes don’t happen on their own, it occurs through human activities. Many countries are searching for ways to manage their climate to avoid further depletion, while some are managing theirs already.

For instance, a region in which there is high-level of burning fossil fuels have to find alternative ways to control their climate. It is the reason renewable energy is necessary to control the adverse effects of carbon compounds in the atmosphere that will lead to climate change.

  1. Killing of Animal Species:

It is a pity human beings don’t even consider the wildlife or game reserves anymore as long as they have enough meat to eat in their food. Many animals have gone into extinction because of hunters killing them for domestic or commercial purposes. One of the effective ways of controlling people from killing animal species is by educating them.

Education is effective to throw more light to people on why they have to let these animal species be in their habitats. There is a large number of crops that depend on the bee to transfer pollens to stigma, flower, or ovule for fertilization occur. Therefore, if bees are killed in their hives it will affect pollination in plants to bring new offspring to sustain that particular plant.

Major Facts about Earth Day

There are numerous facts about Earth day, and we will see some of them in the article, and they are:

  1. Vietnam War Protesters Inspired Earth Day:

In 970, Wisconsin Senator Gaylord Nelson was the major leader of the protest at that time. He discovered many people were protesting the Vietnam War. While people were on the protest, there were no positive results from the protest, he stood up and engineered the movement for government to solve issues relating to earth damage such as deadly smog, oil spills, burning fossil fuels, pesticides, etc.

  1. The Earth Day is for appealing to College Students:

Senator Nelson and postgraduate student Denis Hayes were the major founders of Earth Day, and they made it a day for people living across the globe to celebrate together. The major reason for April 22 is based on the fact students will be freer during this period and they will be ready to celebrate the day with their other colleagues.

  1. It has a strong start in American Holiday:

In 1970, it was estimated a total number of 20 million Americans recognized the first Earth day. After this in subsequent years, many countries are taking part in Earth day because of its popularity. Presently, it is celebrated in over 192 countries with a number over one billion people.

  1. It is recognized as International Mother Earth Day in other countries:

In 2009, the United Nation changed the name from Earth Day to international Mother Earth day. In some countries, it is called plain old Earth Day.

  1. It Led to EPA creation:

In 1970, President Richard Nixon approved the Environmental Protection Agency (EPA). It came into existence as a result of Earth day, and it involves clean water, clean air, caring for endangered species, controlling toxic substances.

  1. The Earth is for Everyone:

There is nothing like a fixed age for celebrating Earth day because both young and old can be part of different activities to sustain a healthy living on earth and also make life worth living by doing various activities such as planting trees, cleaning their environment, reducing the burning of harmful substances, etc. In some countries, the day is used in setting proactive measures to sustain the environment.

  1. Earth Day and Equinox Day are two different things:

Although Equinox Day is for celebrating planet Earth. Every first day of the Spring Season March 19 happens to be the day for the Equinox celebration. While Earth day occurs on April 22. Earth day had a national anthem closed by an Indian Poet Abhay Kumar.

  1. Earth Day has brought Diverse Changes:

It will be hard for anyone to doubt the impact of the diverse changes from Earth day. For instance, on Earth Day 2011, a total number of 28 million trees in Afghanistan were planted based on a popular campaign at that time “plant trees not bomb”. In China, in 2012, 100,000 people rode their bikes in a different part of the country to cut down Carbon monoxide in the atmosphere.

  1. Every year has its theme for Earth Day:

In 1990, the theme was centered on “Global mobilization of environmental issues with a strong focus on recycling”. After ten years later, it was on”Global warming and clean energy”. In 2010, it was the largest environmental service project in the world, and about 250,000 persons rally in Washington DC for Earth Day. At this juncture, we will see some earth day quizzes.

Best Earth Day Quizzes

Here are the different quizzes relating to earth day:

Question 1: Who is the founder of Earth Day?

Answer: Gaylord Nelson

Question 2: Gaylord Nelson the founder of Earth Day is from which State?

Answer: Wisconsin

Question 3: Who made Earth Day a global thing?

Answer: Denis Hayes

Question 4: What is the date for Earth Day?

Answer: April 22

Question 5: Earth Day falls between two college events on campus which and which?

Answer: Spring break and Final exams

Question 6: What is the date for the first Earth Day?

Answer: 1970

Question 7: How many people attended the first Earth Day?

Answer: 20 million people

Question 8: What is the total number of indigenous people living in the forest globally?

Answer: 50 million people

Question 9: The Bestselling book on the warnings of pesticides and their effects?

Answer: Rachel Carson’s Silent Spring

Question 10: Who are the Hollywood actors that addressed the crowd during the first Earth Day celebration?

Answer: Ali MacGraw and Paul Newman

Question 11: Which part of the earth is responsible for the 20% oxygen in planet earth?

Answer: The Amazon rainforest

Question 12: The first Earth Day celebration was to honor whose person’s birthday?

Answer: Vladimir Lenin

Question 13: What is the total number of countries that have celebrated Earth Day?

Answer: 1920

Question 14: The founding day for Earth Day was based on which war?

Answer: The Vietnam War

Question 15: Which government agency was created on the first Earth Day?

Answer: The Environmental Protection Agency (EPA)

Question 16: What is the name of the President who created EPA?

Answer: Richard Nixon

Question 17: Who was the U.S. president that accompanied Gaylord Nelson on a tour?

Answer: John F. Kennedy

Question 18: On which date, was the Clean Water Act signed?

Answer: 1972

Question 19: The United Nations has another name for Earth Day and that is?

Answer: International Mother Earth Day

Question 20: On average, what is the total number of people participating in Earth Day every year?

Answer: 1 billion

Question 21: A large percentage of oxygen for humans is from where?

Answer: The ocean

Question 22: What is the name of the astronaut who carried seeds to space?

Answer: Stuart Roosa

Question 23: One tree can produce enough oxygen throughout its lifetime for a total number of how many individuals?

Answer: Four

Question 24: Who gave Gaylord Nelson a Presidential Medal of Freedom?

Answer: Bill Clinton

Question 25: In 2012, how many people rode bikes to protest against carbon emissions and air pollution?

Answer: 100,000

Question 26: In 1970, Florida Technological University students decided to organize a  mock trial based on something causing air pollution, and what was it?

Answer: A Chevrolet

Question 27: What disaster motivated Gaylord Nelson to form Earth Day?

Answer: Santa Barbara oil spill

Question 28: Who composed the Earth Day theme song?

Answer: Abhay Kumar

Question 29: How many universities took part in the first Earth Day?

Answer: About 1,500

Question 30: Who is the vocalist that sailed from New York to Washington, D.C. for the first event of Earth Day?

Answer: Pete Seeger

Question 31: Who traveled from Europe to the United States without using carbon to create awareness of climatic changes?

Answer: Greta Thunberg

Question 32: In Panama, 100 endangered species of something were planted and what was that?

Answer: Orchids

Question 33: Which country planted 28 million trees in the “Plant Trees Not Bombs” campaign?

Answer: Afghanistan

Question 34: When did Earth Day become internationalize?

Answer: 1990

Question 35: In 1972, what was the name of the holiday after Earth Day?

Answer: World Environment Day

Question 36: Whose President signed the Paris Agreement?

Answer: Barack Obama

Question 37: Whose book gave the warning on earth overpopulation?

Answer: The Population Bomb by Paul Erlich

Question 38: Which river in America caught fire due to the waste in it?

Answer: Cuyahoga River

Question 39: Which company funded the first Earth Day?

Answer: United Auto Workers

Question 40: Who was the term “The Dirty Dozen” referred to in 1970?

Answer: Congressmen with poor environmental records

Question 41: Which of the Poet was among the First Earth Day held in Philadelphia?

Answer: Allen Ginsburg

Question 42: When was the first Earth Day doddle introduced on Google?

Answer: 2001


Earth Day celebration is an important event every year for people to be conscious about their environment and different hazards affecting their health. These quizzes make it easier for people to be conversant with major happenings in the world.

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