15 Side Hustle Ideas to Make Money Fast In South Africa

15 Side Hustle Ideas to Make Money Fast In South Africa

In South Africa, there are many individuals with regular jobs but searching for side hustles to meet up with other miscellaneous expenses. The truth is some people are not good with investing their money in starting a business, and it is the reason they want another side hustle to make money fast.


During weekends, people find other jobs to supplement their main income to get paid every week or monthly. Human need is insatiable because of the different things they encounter, and the numerous bills piling on their list. For instance, someone residing in metropolitan regions in South Africa needs different streams of income.

Furthermore, one must think and act fast to avoid being caught unawares with expenses. If you are good at multitasking and controlling stress levels, then, getting another side hustle might be good for you. The purpose of the article is to show different side hustles for people to make fast cash in South Africa.

Side Hustle Ideas to Make Money Fast In South Africa

Have you been thinking of the right side hustle ideas, then you consider these different options:

  1. Weekend Food Truck:

The side hustle is not for everyone except you have a passion for making unique meals for family and friends. You can raise capital to start this business preparing food and taking it to different places to sell. Most people involved in this business create a well-designed food truck to attract customers and are best sticking with meals you are good at preparing.

On the other hand, it could be cooking and delivering to different companies. For instance, someone living in Pretoria can start a weekend food truck in their region, and if the business is doing well they could open another location in other places such as Durban, Johannesburg, Capetown, etc.

  1. Virtual English Teacher:

The demand for English teachers is increasing every day because of the number of people wanting to have some level of proficiency in the language. Students trying to make their ways to pursue their academics in Anglophone countries need someone to guide them in reading, speaking, writing, and listening to perform well in different language tests, such as SAT, TOEFL, and IELTS.


Being a South African offers lots of opportunities in the sense lots of people prefer their virtual English teachers because their accents are well understood compared to other countries, such as the United Kingdom, America, Scotland, Australians, etc. You need a good network, and a strong computer to make the work effective.

  1. Brewing Beer:

Brewing beer is becoming something trending at the moment. It requires forehand knowledge of the fermentation process to produce good beer. Also, it is one thing to brew this beer and another thing to find market methods for customers to purchase them. Some regions in South Africa are high consumers of beer, and you could be lucky to live in such places.

According to statistics, there are 9,600 plant species are present in South Africa, and about 70% can’t be found anywhere in the world. Since there are lots of beers in the market, it is crucial to add unique flavors or spices to create to differentiate yours from the numerous ones out there. This side hustle has many opportunities with lots of income as long as you can put in the required effort.

  1. Tutoring:

It is not everyone that requires capital from seed investors or venture capitalists to start their businesses. Knowledge is another way of making money fast in South Africa. You can be good at subjects such as Mathematics, English, French, Physics, Biology, Chemistry, etc., and you can lecture people in either primary or secondary schools by organizing classes.

The era of technology has made it simple for tutors to connect with different people that demand their services. Also, there are numerous apps compatible with smartphones for students to search for tutors in different subjects or courses. It has acted as a contributing factor for those who can’t afford their tuition fee in either public or private schools.

  1. Skill Teaching:

Everyone has one or two skills they are good at, and it could be dancing, yoga, painting, bread making, makeup, and many others. In South Africa, thousands of people are trying to acquire these skills (s), and it is an effective way of gaining extra income. There is nothing one is good at that is not profitable or marketable, because there are people ready to pay money to learn them.

Out of every 20 people, some are willing to quit their jobs and start aiming for money by teaching people their skills. If you feel you want extra income to support your main income, then, you can start organizing classes to transfer skillsets to people. In the beginning, the price might be low to attract more people, then as you move forward, you can increase the fee.

  1. Adventure Tourism:

Are you conversant with exciting places in South Africa for people to have lots of fun such as surfing, horse riding, boat cruise, hiking spots, etc.? Then you can start an adventure tourism service helping foreigners to have long-lasting fun that will linger in their memories for a very long time. It is never a bad idea to organize groups to take people to their adventure centers.

Numerous foreigners and local tourists don’t have ideas of destinations for different activities such as hiking, riding, cycling, and many other places. One of the effective ways of drawing clients is placing adverts in different locations and which could be both online and offline. It is one of the surest side hustle ideas for making fast money in South Africa.

  1. Odd Jobs:

Different skill sets can be classified into odd Jobs, and M4Jam is an app whereby clients can find people who can offer solutions to their problems using a skillset. Also, there are other freelance sites like Fiverr and Upwork, they are platforms for skilled individuals to maximize or gain extra money to cater to their needs.

The side hustle is another avenue for employees to supplement their incomes. In time past, many people have used these sites to earn money to fund their dreams, education, and careers. It is never too late to begin as long as you have the digital skills to attract high-paying clients to hire your services.

  1. Selling Hand Crafts:

If you have flair for making and selling handicrafts, you can diversify into creating top-notch designs that will bring in more referrals for you. You need the right tools and customers to begin the process. For instance, the flea market is one of the biggest markets in South Africa to sell wear to both local and foreign tourists.

Furthermore, the use of online technology can be useful in marketing handicrafts too. Some South African citizens sell their products on Etsy and also make huge cash for themselves. This side hustle of selling crafts can become a full-time business if there are lots of customers.

  1. Offering Solutions:

There are different problems in South Africa and people require solutions for their problems. You could become a problem solver to different communities, and they will pay heavily for your ideas. For instance, Repurpose Schoolbags is a company that deals with the transformation of discarded plastic into school bags.

These school bags have helped so many communities to cut down waste in their surroundings. You can create an item that can solve solutions and it could fetch excess income for you as an individual. Although it is an innovative solution that has the potential of getting more client base.

  1. Sports Coach:

Sport is another big thing in South Africa and lots of people want someone who can train them in football, basketball, volleyball, and other sports to have more knowledge of it. If you have much passion for any course, you can use the knowledge as a side hustle to teach others about playing the game.

In South Africa, there is an organization known as “Sports for All” which helps to sponsor local sports with the provision of sports equipment. They have franchises in different communities, and the originator of the idea is Marina de Lange. You can plunge into the business of sports coaching and earn fast money doing it as a side hustle.

  1. Selling Food:

There are numerous places to sell food, and the market happens to be one of the best places to reach other prospective buyers. You prepare several South African delicacies that people can resist the urge to buy from you. In Johannesburg, many people take cooking as their main hustle because of the gain they are getting from it.

The major thing is to find an attractive location that will attract more customers to you. Having a good location is essential for this kind of side hustle. You need to carry out a different survey to ensure different things are in place before embarking on selling food. It is not bad investing your time and capital in this business.

  1. Assisting Foreigners:

Foreigners are searching for places to visit in South Africa, but they can’t go around these places. If you have a voice map or are familiar with it, you can help visitors or tourists by taking them to discover hidden treasures in numerous cities in South Africa. The Voicemap app has thrilling features such as stories by best-selling authors, veteran broadcasters, passionate locals, etc., and is easy to use the Voicemap app to locate different places.

  1. Selling South African Fashion:

Fashion is one of the side hustles for people to earn income. It is another thrilling business that allows you to meet other influential people in different fields such as entertainment, fashion, politics, tech, etc. If you like sewing and designing your clothes, you can turn this hobby into a money-making side hustle.

It is possible to sew different fashion wear and sell them using online or offline stores. Facebook and Instagram ads have assisted fashion designers to gain geometrical sales by advertising their wear to people who require them. It shows there is no need for owning a shop before you sell your wear if you could use social media.

  1. Renting out Spare Room:

If you live in a compound with enough space or rooms, you can turn it into a business for foreigners or tourists. For instance, during the 2018 World Cup held in Brazil, a well-known footballer Gaucho Ronaldinho placed one of his houses on lease for spectators to rent. It is easy to do something in South Africa if there is any major event.

The country has one of the most distinct natural Wilderness compared to any country in the world. For instance, South African citizens residing close to exciting places can rent their rooms out to tourists. In some areas, the house owner can earn R10,500 for a two-bedroom apartment, and it is a huge sum of money to invest in other businesses for multiple streams of income.

  1. Building Aquaponics:

There are some regions in South Africa with food shortages, you can design aquaponics that could help people plant in their homes. You need to have an idea about planting vegetables, you can plant different species and solve the problem of food shortages, especially living in rural areas where there are no good NPK fertilizers to stimulate plant growth.

It is a side hustle in which one can generate lots of income and also get steady clients to patronize them. It makes lots of sense if you could find the raw materials to make your work easier. As little as it seems, this side hustle can offer you income that will change your financial status quo.


There are side hustles in South Africa but an open mind is necessary to discover the opportunities. If you are having a regular job, skills are one of the greatest capital to earn extra income. With this detailed article, you can start another side hustle by using any of the ideas here to create another financial pathway.


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