10 American Rap Songs that Reshaped Pop Culture

10 American Rap Songs that Reshaped Pop Culture
10 American Rap Songs that Reshaped Pop Culture

10 American Rap Songs that Reshaped Pop Culture

Rap music can be regarded as hip-hop, and is one of the renowned music genres in the United States of America. Rap music comprises four different elements such as DJing, rapping, graffiti writing, and rhythmic beatboxing. It involves the use of rhyme or rhythmic speech performed in different ways accompanied by a musical beat. For a good rap song, flow and delivery are essential to give it a strong rhythm.

Most people believe the origin of modern rap songs must have originated in the Bronx, New York in the 1970s. Initially, the DJ was the one who were entertaining guests at parties using their DJ sets. They can entertain guests for many hours, and some people will freestyle on their beats using poetry or prose as long it synchronizes with the rhythm, but we need to get to the root of rap music.

This music genre is from Africa because the Western parts of Africa were delivering stories rhythmically using drums and instruments. It will surprise you that the “Black Rhetorical Continuum” is composed of lyrics and music. After the departure of disco, rap music emerged from different music experimentation using rhythmic speech and rhyming. Staying on the beat in rap songs is necessary, and lots of American modern-day rappers in this content are aware of it.

American Rap Songs that Reshaped Pop Culture

In America, there are lots of rap songs that have reshaped Pop culture. Over the last ten years, the rap game has changed drastically in diverse areas, such as production, sound, mixing, and infusing it with other music genres – grime, trap, R’n’b, etc. Here are the ten American rap songs:

  1. Future – “March Madness”:

When the song was released in the summer of 2015, it became a hit immediately. There were lots of celebrities, parties, and clubs playing the song. Besides the production of the rap song, it is filled with lyrics that have deeper meaning and the theme of the song is about police shootings in the country. The song was a mixtape that became viral through the use of social media, and Tarentino the music producer has to be applauded for the production of this massive hit rap song.

  1. Azealia Bank – “212”:

She is one of the female rappers who is known basically for her flawless rap pattern using upbeat house beats to deliver her rhymes. When you hear the song for the first time, you get to like it because of its catchy sound. The song became 100 influential rap songs in the last ten years. The hook of the song is so unforgettable based on the short words use for it. A big shout out to the producers “Jacques Greene and Luncine”. Azealia’s 212 is a mixture of electro-house and hip-hop.

  1. Fetty Wap – “Trap Queen”:

Pretty is known for his melodic vocals, especially when delivering the chorus. The music has a trap beat and awesome lyrics confessing love to a trap queen. It was a different rap song that reshaped pop culture because it didn’t follow the normal pattern most rappers use to become famous. As a result of this, the song attracted audiences around the globe. Tony Fadd is the producer of the song.

  1. Kendrick Lamar – “Alright”:

Alright was an anthem in America when it was released because of its deep reflection on the “Black American Trauma”, and it indicated the resilience of Black Americans. The song has a repeated reassuring chant on it “we gon’ be alright!”. Kendrick nailed the song with his optimistic lyrics and spitting bars using rhymes. Pharell Williams and Sounwave are the music producers for the song.

  1. Drake and Travis Scott – “Sicko Mode”:

The song was released in 2018 and gain massive plays on different radio before it went viral on social media. During the year it came out, it was the song of the summer. The sound of the rap song has 4 beats – sampling a dubstep track, synth bass line. The producers for Sicko Mode are Cue Beats, Hit-Boy, Flypaper, and Stay Keith.

  1. Cardi B – “Bodack Yellow”:

It was a debut song that brought her to the limelight and it became popular as the long-lasting solo Women’s rap song that ran on the music chart after Lauryn Hill’s “Doo Woop” released over 20 years ago. The rap song has minimal production borrowed from the song “No flockin” by Kodak Black. Cardi shows her rap prowess in the rap song, and the producers did a fantastic job on it – Laquan Green and White Did it.

  1. Kanye West ft 2 Chainz, Big Sean & Pusha T – “Mercy”:

The song brought a paradigm shift in pop culture, and the four rappers in the song gave their all with their various verses. There was a debate about the rapper who had the best rap verse in the song. There is no denying the fact every rapper brought out their A-game into it as their career depended on the song.  Four renowned music producers were present on the song such as Many West, Hudson Mohawked, Mike Dean and Mike will make it.

  1. Pusha T – “If you know you know”:

It is a classic song because it went back deep to the roots of hip-hop. The song is a bass-heavy banger, and Pusha T paints perfect pictures on the song through his lyrics that touch the complex life experiences of being a drug dealer. The song has an amazing sound that you will hear from Many West’s “Beautiful Dark Twisted Fantasy”. The rapper used strong lyrics to rhyme and stay on the beat of the song, and Kanye West must be given credit for his beautiful production.

  1. Kid Cudi – “Day and Night”:

Kid Cudi revolutionized pop culture using this rap song to plant a shift from conventional rap songs. Another thing that added to the rapid growth of the song was the music video which went well with the song’s vibe. Most of the things you will see in the video are animations, and Dot da genius the music producer made the sound so unique. The rap song became a voice for this youthful generation trying to find their paths toward their dreams.

  1. Kanye – “Heartless”:

Heartless was in Kanye West’s “808 albums”, and other artists used it as a blueprint in releasing their rap songs such as Travis Scott, Drake, and Kid Cudi, and Future.  The song was a nostalgic banger for most rap song lovers. Kanye used autotune to fine-tune his vocals and other unfamiliar sounds in the production. Kanye teamed up with No I.D. for the music production of the song.


In the rap music genre, there have been several songs with unique sounds that have reshaped pop culture globally. Hip-hop has passed through lots of evolutions due to music producers infusing strange sounds and other genres into it to create something unique.

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